14 Mar 2021

In an interview with the Quality Manager


Bendworx-Steelpro is one of Australia’s leading steel processors, providing special steel services to Australian and international industries since 2005. They offer expert steel bending, rolling, and processing services as well as quality-assured steel pipe & liner manufacture.

We, as their angle roll supplier, had the chance to interview Ben Holz, Quality Manager. Below, the full interview about their relation with DAVI and their impressions on the machine.

How did your need for a section rolling machine begin? We are always looking to improve and extend service to our customers. Business analysis identified the need to add another section roller to expand our large-rolling capacity.

What criteria were you looking for in a section rolling machine? Our business is service and quality- we knew we had to get a world-class CNC machine, built by a market-leader, able to roll large SHS, RHS, Beams, Columns and Pipes with speed, accuracy, and control. The machine needed to be reliable, efficient, and easy to operate, with great local service and support.

How did you find DAVI? Our team has decades of experience in the rolling industry and stays up to date with leading machine manufacturers, so of course DAVI was already well known to us from the beginning.

What made DAVI stand out above its competitors? What can the DAVI machine do which is unique? DAVI’s reputation for quality, service, and leading technologywas a big factor for us in choosing to approach them. The machine itself is excellent of course, but it is the expertise and service of the DAVI team that really made it stand out.

How has dealing with DAVI been? Fantastic. DAVI were responsive and engaged with our process from the beginning. Their communication throughout the purchase, installation, and subsequent after-sales support validated our trust in choosing to procure the machine from them.

How have you been impressed by the section rolling machine? The heavy-duty MCP has been a hugely impressive addition to our machine fleet. Capable, competent, and efficient, it has already exceeded our expectations on a number of projects – for example we successfully rolled W12 @ 50# to a 125” radius with very little distortion or twisting, and 8” Sch 80 pipe to a 63” radius.

In which projects are you involved with our angle roll? What kind of section are you rolling? That’s a hard question to answer - What don’t we do?! Our work touches almost every corner of Australian manufacturing; from mining, energy, infrastructure, and defense to architecture, transport, artwork, and everything in between!

What’s changed for the company now the machine is running? The addition of the heavy-duty MCP has expanded the capability of our existing section rolling division, allowing us and our clients to process extra-large pipes & sections that were not possible before.

Would you tell us your overall opinion of both the machine and DAVI? Outstanding – our heavy-duty MCP has proven to be a quality machine backed by a quality team. Special mentions must go to the Australian team who have been fantastic in supporting us through the installation and subsequent operation.


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