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Davi Inc is the North American Branch of Davi group. Born in Italy in 1966, Davi is the world largest manufacturer of plate rolls, angle rolls, high productivity lines and customized rolling machines. Its leadership is evident with regards to sales volume, employees, production, assets, and rating. Davi also owns the highest number of patents in the industry.

The Davi product range boasts an extensive selection of plate rolls (in both 3 and 4-roll configurations), catering to plates ranging from approximately 6.5 to 19.5 feet in width and about 0.25 to 15.75 inches in thickness. Additionally, it encompasses a comprehensive array of angle rolls designed for beams up to about 4 feet in height, pipes up to about 2.5 feet in diameter, and flanges up to approximately 23.5 x 8 inches on edge.

Moreover, the line includes highly productive wind energy systems, featuring patented technology, with 350 units installed and operational for global leaders, manufacturing towers, foundations, tripods, monopiles, and transition pieces. The product line extends to high-productivity 4-roll and robotic lines, specifically engineered for plates ranging from about 3 to 19.5 feet in width and 1/8 to 5/8 inches in thickness. Additionally, the lineup encompasses tailor-made machines for various sectors including tank trailers, aircraft, aerospace, shipyards, accommodating plates from about 19.5 to over 78.5 feet in width.

Furthermore, Davi offers the groundbreaking e-POWER, the first complete line of full electric plate rolls.

Davi headquarter is located in the most high-tech region of Italy: Emilia-Romagna, a territory that houses Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini and many machinery and mechanical companies that are leader in their industries. All the machines are produced at the headquarter, that also includes a warehouse and a logistic and quality control center. 

Considering the importance of the North American market, in 2002 a branch was founded in Rockford, IL, to be closer to our customers and ready to assist them in a timely manner. Later, the American branch moved to Dallas, TX. Thanks to these locations and the whole network of more than 100 highly qualified dealers (over 10 of which being located in North America), the group can assure sales and customer care assistance all around the world, at any time.

Davi Inc is the largest US plate rolls and angle rolls organization, with more than 25 employees located strategically in different states. In competitive markets, uptime, maximum utilization and workforce development are the keys factor of success. Our goal is providing the best support to ensure maximum return of customer investment.

From our Technical Center in Dallas and four logistic warehouses in North America we offer on a day-by-day basis:

  • Guaranteed response in the shortest possible time
  • Remote support
  • Large Spare parts inventory
  • Large Ready for immediate delivery machine and accessory inventory
  • Onsite technical visits
  • Preventive maintenance

Davi Research & Development Division lives on the motto ‘engineering everyday challenges’ and is always ready to design custom made solutions and meet customers’ needs. This customer-centric and solution-driven approach is widespread at every step of the value chain: besides being well-known for having large inventories (in Italy and abroad), allowing the group to have a high number of machines ready for immediate delivery, our salesforce is committed to listening carefully to each customer’s story, to understand their unique needs deeply and provide them with the best customized solution.

Having built a strong reputation for the superiority of its products, Davi has recently focused on another pivotal aspect of customer value creation: customer service and support. We are working constantly to provide customers with the best assistance, both remote and onsite, starting from preventive maintenance programs, and during the whole life of the machine.

With an eye on the future, Davi is always looking for new solutions to keep leading the industry and to find new ways to satisfy their customers’ upcoming needs.

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Davi's sales and technical team is adept at providing comprehensive assistance to every client, catering to their specific requests with utmost expertise and proficiency.

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