Research & Development

Davi stands out in the industry for our unique Research and Development (R&D) function, distinct from our Technical Department. Our dedicated R&D team is at the forefront of studying and anticipating industry trends, which enables us to deliver groundbreaking innovations that are reshaping the plate and angle roll landscape. We take immense pride in our commitment to innovation, and below, you can explore a selection of applications that showcase our R&D achievements. These applications are a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and our mission to lead the way in the industry.

The first complete line of fully electric plate rolls
Research And Development e-POWER
iRoll Extreme
The new frontier of Control Systems: designed with a Human-Machine Interface, supporting the operator at every stage of the process, from programming to production.
Research And Development iRoll Extreme
Automated Rolling
A 4 Roll Plate Roll that is part of an Automatic Rolling line capable of rolling multi-radius parts in single pass. A fully programmable machine allowing the highest level of automation, accuracy, repeatability and the shortest cycle time, also thanks to a state-of-the-art control system.
Research And Development Automated Rolling
A Davi machine to bend spirals
Davi Angle Roll bending a spiral from 4 tubes welded together. A very special application that is possible thanks to our Research & Development Department! When you have a challenge in section bending, you can refer to Davi and find the best rolling solution.
A special 4-roll for a German customer
The difficulty of the project was to guide the small stripes during the whole rolling process and the huge diameters of minimum 5,000 up to over 8,000 mm. It has been an interesting challange. The new machine is equipped with a special infeed system, reinforcement sleeves and guiding pushers on all supports: all these accessories will improve visibly the results of the customer in respect to the past. The customer needed the horizontal solution as advantage also for an easier handling of the welded sections after the rolling process.
Research And Development A special 4-roll for a German customer
Tower System
Watch the video and discover this innovative solution with a Plate Roll in line with a Tower System for a safer and faster handling of plates from the floor to the machine. An automated system for drastically reducing the cycle time.
A special MAV 3-rolls for the Aeronautic Industry
A Davi 3-roll variable axes was designed for bending and re-rolling crucial components for Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft, including keelbeams and emergency exits. But there was a catch – the rolls needed to be 10 meters long with an incredibly small 100-millimeter diameter. A true test of our capabilities. The technology of our MAV range turned out to be a complete game-changer, especially for bending intricate parts with varying plate thicknesses. The real beauty is in its flexibility, which became a favorite among A&T's operators, streamlining the bending and re-rolling process of these complex parts.
Research And Development A special MAV 3-rolls for the Aeronautic Industry

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