Plate rolling and angle rolling machines are essential in the aerospace industry, shaping metallic components for aircraft structures and parts of space rockets. These machines provide precise forming capabilities, contributing to the production of high-quality aerospace components.

DAVI Plate Rolls are able to roll every kind of components used in the Aerospace industry: whatever the material, the dimension and the bending radius requested, DAVI range presents an optimal alternative to offer to the customer. Whether we are talking about building parts of capsules, nacelles, booster or planes in different materials (any type of steel, aluminum, titanium or other alloys), DAVI can supply the ideal plate bending machine, through both standard machines and products deeply customized, that are granted by a Research & Development Division that is in constant growth and evolution, a unique feature among the Plate Rolling machine manufacturers.

Rolling plate in the Space industry is something also the most renowned companies in the world do. As evidence of this, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has been purchasing Plate Rolls from DAVI for decades, always showing the highest level of satisfaction for their performances. This satisfaction has been shown also officially, through a Certificate of Appreciation for the impact DAVI had in the project Ares I-X Development Flight Test. Recently, also other relevant companies of recent foundation entered the wide group of the clients of DAVI, purchasing aerospace Plate Rolls in the last years. Regarding space industry requirements for rolling plates, normally the thickness ranges from 1/6" to more than 1". For these requests, DAVI is ready to offer customized 4-Roll Machines, equipped with a state-of-the-art Control System for creating programs, forming plates repetitively and giving the highest support to the operator (iRoll eXtreme is strongly recommended). Another appreciated feature is the cone package (present in the Control System) allowing to fabricate cones for rockets.

When it comes to planes, very special Plate Rolls are required for rolling fuselages, in particular. In this case, the most common solution is a 3-Roll Variable Axis Machine that is very wide (up to 65 ft) and has very small diameter rolls (both the top and the side rolls).

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