Wind Energy

Plate rolling machines are essential in the wind energy industry, enabling the fabrication of cylindrical and conical components for wind turbine towers. With their precision rolling capabilities, these machines ensure structural integrity and dimensional accuracy, contributing to reliable wind turbine operation.

For more than 20 years, DAVI Wind Energy Division has been active in the industry and has expanded its operations providing dozens and dozens of Plate Rolls to companies all over the world. This gives DAVI a competitive advantage granted by an expertise that is incomparable in the whole rolling industry. Nowadays, almost 300 Wind Energy Experts have already chosen DAVI, that has now the MOST SOLD Wind Energy rolling solution in the world, a leading-edge technology, a wind tower bending machine with a number of distinctive and patented features boosting productivity, accuracy and safety! DAVI's also been working with the Developers (Ørsted, Van Oord, Vattenfall, Copenhagen Offshore Partners, etc.) for many years: strong connections make DAVI aware of all the technical and project developments of the market!

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Wind Energy

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