From Manual to Automated Rolling
30 May 2023

A Davi Plate Roll to speed up production and foster growth.


Established in Jacksonville, FL in 1914, Rubini Iron Works has built a strong reputation and expertise in custom metal fabrication. After almost 100 years of growing success, in 2005 the company joined Berman Brothers, and the two together have proudly earned a reputation of providing high quality new steel, stainless steel and aluminum products, scrap metal recycling services, and custom metal fabrication services.


Rubini has long been making a wide range of products, trying to accommodate their customers’ requirements, ranging from industrial to artistic, using a 3-roll manual roller. However, recently, the need of an upgrade arose, bringing them to consider adding an automatic plate roll, so as to improve production time and capabilities.


What they needed was a new machine to keep them from having to ‘bump’ plate ends and use overhead cranes and forklifts for support.


In their attempt to find the plate roll that best fit their needs, they turned to Capital Machine Technologies Inc., which introduced them to Davi and the final decision was made quite easily. In the attempt to speed and simplify production, ‘the Pre-Bend rollers & additional support attachments are unique additions for a rolling machine’ said Mr. David Stoddard, Vice President at Rubini Iron Works.


After some months of work with their new Davi MCB F30 Plate Roll, the factors that impressed Rubini Iron most was the easiness of the iRoll Performance user interface (which also makes it possible for the operator to teach others how to use it) and the time reduction compared to their previous manual roller, along with the possibility to move their product through the shop. Apparently, the new plate roll machine satisfied all their initial requirements.


Overall, the experience with Davi was satisfying for Rubini, as Mr. Stoddard underlined that it has been a pleasure interacting with both Davi plate rolls and technicians, as ‘Davi not only provides a quality product, but offers professional service and support’. Therefore, looking at the future, Mr. Stoddard sees an increase in the customer base and workflow output and, as the company grows, they look forward to having other interactions with Davi, to help them reach their potential.

From Manual to Automated Rolling

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