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Pyramid Rolls
Mechanic Plate Roll
The first Hydraulic 3 Roll
Hydraulic Plate Roll with Linear Guides
DAVI revolutionizes the plate roll market, introducing the Planetary Guiding of the side rolls, that are: friction-free, mill-scale-proof, lubrication-less and maintenance-free. They improve the machine accuracy and extend its life. These Planetary Swing Guides produce a much shorter flat-end during pre-bending and the tightest diameter cylinders, slightly larger than the machine’s top roll diameter. Planetary Guide is PATENTED by DAVI.
The first project of a Davi Section Bending Machine
Planetary Guides Heavy Hydraulic Plate Roll
The first design of the Davi 3D Hydraulic guiding rolls
Davi introduces the Permanent Lubrication Technology, eliminating the need of ordinary lubrication. This technology, along with the use of Planetary Guides, which are not affected by rough friction as in the old style linear guide systems, and the use of pre-greased and sealed-for-life self-aligning roll bearings (SKF type technology) eliminate much of the maintenance that was necessary in the older style plate rolling machines.
DAVI Hydraulic 4 Roll machines are built incorporating the best components available in the market (Rexroth, Vickers, Parker, SKF, etc.). DAVI Rolls are selected by the largest Companies in the World.
The first Automated Un-manned Robotic Lines produced for large quantity productions.
The first project of a Davi Section Bending Machine with FOUR rolls
MAV DAVI project introduces a new, completely re-designed range of variable axis 3 roll (Press-Roll) machines with each roll powered by an independent hydraulic motor. The top roll fits into a self-aligning housing to allow a large tilting of that roll, to perform more radical, heavy and difficult cones (on competition, the top roll is rigidly housed, and has very little tilting).
AUTOMATION: Developed by Davi's Research and Development engineers, Davi offers the most advanced automation in the industry. With this technology, the plate roll can operate unmanned, becoming an automated robotic center.
The first Davi electronic support to the operator on the Section Bending Machine
Roll-by-Wire: An evolution of the aeronautic Fly-by-Wire design, with Davi "Roll-by-Wire" the machines use advanced digital, not analog, signals running through a single wire or BUS, exchanging real time data so the CNC can monitor the machine's electronic, mechanical and hydraulic components during the rolling process. This allows the operator to easily diagnose and monitor each independent system of the machine through the CNC.
A giant Davi Section Bending Machine
DNV An Industrial Manufacturing Process certified with ISO 9001-2008 quality system, which guarantees a structured, organized, consistent and reliable Quality, Performance, and Customer Care.
The 4 roll MCA takes on a new look and becomes an essential component for high productive rolling lines.
The 4 roll MCB has undergone a makeover to make it more efficient, durable and able to smoothly roll the heaviest work.
The 3 roll MAV was re-engineered to get a much more rigid structure, to meet the new needs of the market.
DNV - ISO 14001
DNV - ISO 18001
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