The importance of human interactions, beyond technical features.

When two companies share the same view and goals, the result of the interaction can’t be anything but a success. That’s why TD Steelworks is one of our most satisfied clients we have chosen to tell you a story about.

Service and Quality are the two keywords that drive their actions and decisions and that led them to choose a DAVI MCB F30 Plate Roll for their Metal Processing Facility in Abbosford (BC – Canada), in addition to their 3 plasma tables, and 4 brake presses. With the aid of these machines, they serve customers in the Agricultural, Water works, Structural sectors and many more.

By creating trustful, long-term relationships with their customers, and listening to their requests, the company was able to increase their facilities, moving towards becoming an all-in-one process supplier, specialized in customized projects.

And that’s exactly what caused TD Steel to consider adding a rolling plate to their workshop: in order to help their customers grow, they were looking for the most efficient way to offer a wide array of rolling capabilities.

We asked Mr. Bob Cowan, General Manager at TD Steelworks what was the factor that made them choose DAVI among the other plate rollers’ suppliers: “In our experience each brand can perform similar so there isn’t much to separate them physically – said Cowan - For us, it is the human contact that grows business. The sales/technical teams show excellent support and are available immediately when needed to answer questions to get the machine producing”.

In an industry in which the technical advantage might not be perceived by the client at the moment of purchasing, DAVI puts the human factor at the core. One last comment that Mr. Cowan added to his interview perfectly summarizes what our efforts are focused on: “Machine and personnel are very knowledgeable and willing to help out in any way they can”.

Producing the best possible plate and angle rolls from a technical point of view is nothing but a pre-requisite for us. Helping the customer at each stage of the relationship is what we are mainly committed to. Having a customer telling us they perceive this added value is our pride.