Service & After Sales

DAVI Service & After Sales (SAS) Division can provide many different solutions to make your equipment more productive as well as cost effective and efficient.

First of all, DAVI can provide, in order to facilitate handling, increasing safety, a wide variety of accessories:
  • overhead support from very small diameters to the highest capacities
  • lateral supports, that can be standard or double articulated
  • feeding system
  • interpolation systems for multi-radius application
  • interchangeable top roll for small diameter applications or with different crowning
  • dedicated set of tooling
  • outfeed conveyor
  • squaring device
  • ejectors
  • light curtains and/or safety cages
  • automatic loading robotic line
  • customized solutions for dedicated production needs and many others
  • selected accessories may be retrofitted on other main brands than DAVI
With a CNC upgrade, then, the setup time for the operator can be substantially decreased, while the productivity and repeatability will certainly increase. Upgrading CNC controls also safeguards against inevitable software obsolescence.
To evaluate the machine capacity and speed up the quality control process our Performance Test and DG Gauge are available for any machines.
Regarding spare parts, DAVI has created 2-year and 5-year recommended spare parts kits, specially thought for each machine and to be stored in your warehouse.
Where needed, we can provide specific, customized training session with a visit of one of our dedicated engineers who can come to your plant and train your operators on the use of your machines.
Moreover, a complete overhaul of your machine is also available: we can make your equipment like brand-new!
Finally, a Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) is at your disposal! With this program, our goal is to work together with you providing the highest support on DAVI machines already in operation.