Roll Different

DAVI-iRoll© is a revolutionary application on iPad Apple to use DAVI rolls in a completely new and innovative way.

Briefly, DAVI-iRoll© allows you to draw on your iPad tablet (even with a finger!) complex figures by means of an advanced dimensioning system and with the same accuracy level which you usually could only achieve by using very expensive CAD drawing programs.
Once the drawing has been made, DAVI-iRoll© simulates the rolling cycles and check the feasibility on the roll.

Once the rolling has been made, a digital template verifies the obtained diameter and sends, in case it is not appropriate due to differences in the yield point of the plate, the result to the DAVI-iRoll© to adequately compensate the program.

DAVI-iRoll© on iPad Apple (an exclusive DAVI patent) contains, in only one fantastic application, a CAD program, a calculator, a virtual roll and a CNC.
Wherever you are around the machine, through the WI-FI technology, you can use DAVI-iRoll© to display the electric and hydraulic diagrams, the mechanical drawings on your iPad screen, just in the palm of your hand. Diagnostic operations will be much easier and faster to facilitate machine trouble shooting.
DAVI-iRoll© allows the operator to connect from the machine, through his iPad, to the DAVI Service center, to speak and see the DAVI Customer Care operator, LIVE, to study and solve together, IN REAL TIME, any problem arisen.

It is also possible to constantly update the work sequences, improving calculations and simulations, in order to maintain the working processes updated and optimized at the maximum possible extent.
Engineers, operators and technicians shall take advantage from this new and revolutionary technology, which, until recently was not even imaginable and which nowadays has become a reality. We can say, therefore:

“ROLL different, be smart, choose DAVI-iRoll©”.

iRoll+ requires IP address which will allow You to simulate your parts from anywhere: