Making Your Life Easier – A Success Story at GRI Renewable Industries, Sevilla

What happens when an important and loyal customer like GRI Renewable Industries want to be even more productive rolling with a 3-year old plate roll? When the time for investing in new equipment has not yet come, DAVI Service & After Sales (SAS) Division takes the field and can offer a number of solutions to increase productivity on your current fleet of machines.

Last year, GRI wanted to be more efficient rolling plates with their 4-roll (12’x6”) specially equipped with our High Productivity Line for wind energy. This plate roll already had front and overhead supports, and the SAS Division suggested to improve the machine with the addition of a rear support.

The rear support offers operational advantages, such as better support of the plate during the first rolling phase (the first 15-30 ft of development), as well as the chance to support and move the can with higher precision when it comes to fit-up and tack-welding (once the rolling phase is over). Additionally, the presence of three supports (front, overhead and, now, rear) allows the client to carry on the whole process (from rolling to fit-up and tack-welding) without the continuous need for cranes. Freeing up the cranes leads to a saving in terms of both time and manpower, allowing for a further economic saving for our customer.

After the client positively accepted the proposal from the SAS Division, the installation intervention was provided rapidly and with total satisfaction of the customer. They were able to start operating with their upgraded plate roll immediately, being safer and more productive.

Find out more about DAVI Service & After Sales Division at https://www.davi.com/us/en-us/Service_After_Sales