A special DAVI 4 roll has been positively tested to roll bearing housings, made in special double aluminum-steel sheets, rolled to the diameter with very strict tolerances. The machine, a 4 roll controlled by the CYBER CNC iRoll, (the latest innovation in plate roll CNC) rolled each half circle shell in a fully automatic cycle. “The target was to reach tolerances of max 0,5-1 mm, - says Orazio Davi, President –, not easy at all to perform with such a special double metal sheet, but the machine, managed by the iRoll CNC, rolled each part within the required tolerances”. “Customers are looking for machine that can guarantee project tolerances “continues Orazio Davi”, and we feel confident our machine can satisfy the customer’s expectations, giving the expected results. That is possible thanks to an accurate construction, replacement of the old and low precise guide ways with the new friction-free Planetary Guides, and an accurate Quality Control. The machine, more than this, will also have to guarantee precise cycle time, to satisfy the productivity programs of the customer and this machine complies perfectly to this requirement. Quality and Productivity are a MUST for DAVI machines.