A repetitive customer in Canada, rolling with DAVI since 2014

RKO Steel Limited has been serving Canadian, US and other international customers with quality manufactured steel products, quality coatings, fast, safe and reliable steel erection, and general construction for over 30 years.

RKO officially became a loyal customer of DAVI in 2020, when they bought a 4-Roll Plate Roll with a capacity of 10 ft x ¾” 6 years after their first Angle Roll purchase in 2014. Before 2020, RKO had a small set of plate rolls but, at a certain point, they noticed clients requiring increased capacity for their plate rolling needs in all Atlantic Canada. This is when they started looking for the right machine, which had to be a CNC 4-Roll, high-quality and from a reputable brand, but also with a reasonable footprint for shop space.

The continued presence of DAVI Plate Rolls at Fabtech in the recent years, the great performances of the Angle Roll already in-house, the on-ground experience and knowledge of DAVI Salesmen and the longstanding quality and reputation of DAVI machines were some of the key aspects for the final choice of RKO. Starting from here, the relationship with all DAVI people involved in the sales, installation and support path was really positive and simply confirmed the good impression RKO had from the start.

“It is without hesitation – said Doug Ware, Operations Manager – that I can say we are extremely happy with the product and service given by DAVI. We are excited to grow with our current machine capabilities and will not hesitate to add another DAVI machine when the time comes to grow or replace.”

Current and future projects

Nowadays, RKO is employing their Plate Roll with full satisfaction in structural, miscellaneous and shipbuilding projects, rolling rings, cans and cones, from small parts up to 10 ft x ¾”. With a new area of the workshop dedicated to rolling (including the two DAVI machines), RKO expect to see a very quick ROI, also because, for example, the elimination of flat spots on rolling is already allowing to streamline fit-up and welding and thus tremendously increase the speed for making the final product.

“Adding this DAVI plate roll to our facility – commented Trevor Norris, Estimator/Rolling Sales and Marketing – has increased our capacity, efficiency, and ability to service the Atlantic Canadian market and further. We look forward to being able to offer highly accurate rolled product to our clients directly as a result of purchasing this DAVI machine.”