Rolling Automated Lines designed by DAVI

Thanks to automation, companies can perform processes with limited or no human intervention. It is so effective because it increases quality, repeatability, output and efficiency by reducing human assistance, thereby dramatically cutting the risk of error and scraps.

Automation in industrial settings applies through a centralized control system (typically referred to as Manufacturing Execution System or MES) and a wide quantity of data to manage equipment and processes within a manufacturing environment.

Automated production lines consist of workstations and a transfer system moving a part through the different production phases, using a variety of tools to manufacture the final product. A logic controller (typically referred to as Computer Numerical Controller or CNC) oversees this process by managing the sequence where the machinery is used and how long each machine must work on the product.

Industry 4.0, entails using automation and big data sets in a manufacturing scenario. Within the borders of an Industry 4.0 setting, any standalone activity can now be connected to every other process with increasing speed and accuracy — thereby adding value to the whole operation.

DAVI as the preferred partner

Businesses need a technological partner being able to deliver high-performances and reliable Rolling Automated Lines, capable of increasing rolling precision, throughput and operator’s safety while reducing downtimes, floor-to-floor processing time and manpower requirements. DAVI exclusive control system, iRoll eXtreme, guarantees full integration with the Plant network and other Machines thanks to the OPC connectivity technology.

DAVI OPC-based systems deliver:

  • seamless integration with other equipment, such as automated warehouses and cutting, punching, welding, press-in machines; an increase in productivity which, based on the line and workpieces complexity, can scale up to 500% compared to stand-alone machines
  • quick replyto production changes due to automated management of multiple workpieces variants
  • a consistent method for accessing data from other machines and devices at factory floor level
  • a robust method for sharing data from the machine to the Plant Real-Time Performance Management (RTPM).

All DAVI Rolling Lines software and hardware are designed to reach the single-piece-batch production strategy: fully automated lines suited for mass production combined with high flexibility and possibility of managing small batches of identical pieces. Thanks to the cutting-edge technological content, flexibility and total integration capability, DAVI is already the technological partner selected by many major players in highly automated Sectors such as Automotive and Downstream Oil & Gas.