DAVI is a proud supplier of one of the world’s leading manufacturer of construction, earth moving and mining equipment, with multiple plate roll on nearly every continent of the world.

A key branch is located in Europe, where this customer manufactures mainly buckets. DAVI started a partnership with this branch in 2001, when they purchased a small 4 roll with planetary guides.

Recently, they were in need of a new plate roll. The special requirements were related to the production of large buckets (13 feet) which can be very difficult products to manufacture because of their material (Hardox) and the tight diameter required.  After working with DAVI R&D, the customer found the best solution, leading to the purchase of a pre-stressed 4 roll with planetary guides, a very special machine customized for the customer’s needs.

These Hardox buckets, used in the mining sector, are now rolled with the new DAVI plate roll, recently installed with the full satisfaction of the client. DAVI is proud that every sale leads to a true partnership with the customer, and that in this case they chose DAVI again after almost 20 years from the first purchase.

Let’s roll your world together!