Partnering with an Excellence in American Manufacturing

National Defense Projects, power generation, surface mining, steel mills, large press manufacturers, offshore platform components: these are all the industries served by Warren Fabricating and Machining Corporation, a unique manufacturer specializing in the fabrication, machining and assembly of large steel weldments. Some large-scale projects are possible for War Fab thanks to their equipment, among the largest ones in the USA.

Based in Hubbard (Ohio), War Fab was founded in 1967 and since then it has been providing excellence in American manufacturing: the facilities, equipment and expertise of War Fab allow them to accommodate every request with the highest quality, in the most cost-effective manner and meet the required deadlines.

DAVI and War Fab crossed paths in 2019 when War Fab wanted to expand rolling capabilities in order to service more industries. Quality and capability were the main drivers for their purchase, and partnering with DAVI helped in selecting the right machine for their needs. War Fab finally chose a big 4-roll with a capacity of 12 ft x 3¼”.

The relation between DAVI and War Fab was smooth and satisfactory from the point of view of both sales and installation, which was completed successfully and immediately allowed War Fab operators to start rolling: they started with plates ranging from 1” to 2”, and they’re willing to get even thicker jobs that are now possible thanks to DAVI plate roll.