A loyal and repetitive customer in Germany extending their rolling capacity

Metallbau und Schweisstechnologie – Zentrum GmbH (MSZ)is a German supplier of complex welded components and acts as a steel service center processing sheet metal and semi-finished products. With a solid relation started more than 20 years ago at a fair, MSZ always trusted DAVI for their rolling needs. Since the first purchase in 2000 (a 4 Roll with 8’ x 3/8” capacity), “dealing with DAVI has always been comfortable, thanks to their customer-related approach”, said Mr. Wilhelm Krüger Jun., CEO of MSZ. Therefore, MSZ has always chosen DAVI for upgrading their rolling capacity, scaling up to a Plate Roll for 7/8” in 2007 and, finally, with a 4 Roll for 1½” in 2021.

“Regarding our last purchase, we were looking for a machine with a compact and massive design and capable of extending our thickness range, but we also wanted to rely on a strong supplier granting a sustainable business relation and a 24/7 Customer Support in case of need”, added Mr. Krüger. With the brand-new Plate Roll, MSZ are rolling thick plates for Pipes, Vessels and Mold Boxes for customers in Foundry and Steel Industries, and the machine is impressing Mr. Krüger for its new design, more powerful but with a smaller footprint on the plant.

“This Plate Roll is allowing us to find new customers, increase their satisfaction and to process more products in-house… In a few words, we are a step forward compared with our competitors!”, concluded Mr. Krüger. “We always feel we are in good hands every time we deal with DAVI!”.