Trusting DAVI for their rolling needs since 2008

The customer is a Mexican company universally known for innovation and quality in the fabrication of Tank Trailers. They are active in the Oil Industry and in the Construction Industry, with fabrication of semi-trailers, vacuum tanks, pressure and cement hoppers, sand-box chassis, Hardox® and other dumps.  As a loyal client of DAVI since 2008, they own two Plate Rolls, both of them with 4 Rolls and Planetary Guides: the first one with a capacity of 10’ x 9/16”, while the second is a very wide one, having a capacity of 20’ x 1/2".

When they first started searching for a Plate Roll, they were looking for quality and repeatability of the radius as well as speed in the rolling process. After meeting DAVI at Fabtech in Chicago, the investigation for the first purchase went on for an entire year. The quick and prompt responses from the Sales professionals and the availability of Customer Support based in Mexico made the difference, paired with the well-known quality of DAVI machines.

After the first installation, the speed of the Plate Roll and the high quality of the finished product were immediately confirmed, so that the second purchase was the result of the satisfaction for the first one. In fact, the second Plate Roll, with its 20 ft width, gave a real boost to the company productivity: production increased by 52% and the client made their processes smoother positioning a welding machine in line with this Plate Roll.

This was the final step for the company to be internationally recognized in terms of quality (and at the same time reduce costs).