Davi is the only plate roll manufacturer with an in-house Research & Development team. These experts constantly work to improve the engineering and automation on future generation machines and maintain the latest state of the art CNC control systems. With a completely new philosophy of engineering and manufacturing, Davi's latest machines use only the highest technology available in the industry.

Today, all Davi machines use digital, not analog, signals running through a single wire or BUS, exchanging real time data so the CNC can monitor the machine's electronic, mechanical and hydraulic components during the rolling process. This allows for easy diagnostics of each independent system of the machine through the CNC.

This new concept is called “Roll by Wire”, a Davi patent.

Every Davi customer can chose among a different level of automation.

Davi CNCs are designed to be user-friendly, offering a ""self-programming"" mode to assist even the most inexperienced operator.

Long recognized in the industry of providing the most advanced CNC control systems in plate rolling, today, Davi's post powerful CNC is the DAVI-iRoll© PLUS on iPad.

Most recently Davi was awarded by NASA with a “Certificate of Appreciation”, for having built the new Ares and Orion missiles and nacelle to replace the Space Shuttle.

DAVI-iRoll© PLUS on iPad can be used with any new Davi plate roll.

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