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The DAVI three roll MCP section roll was engineered to meet the requirements of very demanding customers, who need to bend large and extra large dimension parts with very strict tolerances.

From aerospace to shipyard, from automotive to structural, engineers are always designing solutions of more sophisticated bent parts, made out of hard material that can only be obtained by bending non-standard profiles at very tight diameters with strict tolerances.

The heart of the MCP

The DAVI MCP offers some unique features and advantages over other section bending machines available in the market.
- By using the latest generation of CAD and testing the results on FEM software, the MCP has the heaviest and strongest machine structure in the industry. - The high resistant large diameter hardened allow steel shafts rotate on pre-greased, self-aligning roller bearings, ensuring excellent performance and efficiency with virtually no deflection.
- Three independent hydraulic motors and three high torque planetary drives (one for each roll) are coupled directly to the rolls through a splined shaft, for a powerful torque transmission to ensure an easy feeding of the sections during the rolling process.
- To avoid deflection of the shafts, the planetary guide system is powered by hydraulic cylinders mounted outside the main machine frame, as close to the bending area as possible.
- Guide rolls, adjustable in three directions, are activated by hydraulic cylinders controlled from the console panel. A standard feature on the complete MCP machine range.
- High quality hydraulic components offer the best performance for a long duration

The DAVI MCP machines are completed by a range of CNC control choices: from simplest to the most advanced for automatic production. Rolls and accessories

- A modular set of dies are standard, hardened and made from high strenght steel alloy to reduce wear. They are designed to successfully bend most standard sections common in the market.
- All customer applications are evaluated to ensure that the best possible solution be proposed to help reduce production times and improve the final product.
- An extensive list of accessories is available, including: hydraulic traction unit, metric wheels for automatic production, special set of guide rolls for non-standard shapes in addition to several others. These accessories allow the DAVI MCP machine to bend standard and non-standard profiles, including heavy duty beams, pipes and spirals.

In addition, Davi has engineered and produced the heaviest section roll in the world.

Technical specifications

Davi builds plate and angle rolls for any customer application requirements.Upon request, our technical department can design a machine for any application. Davi has the technical, design and production expertise to cope with any bending or rolling application.

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Davi is the only plate roll manufacturer with an in-house Research & Development team. These experts constantly work to improve the engineering and automation on future generation machines and maintain the latest state of the art CNC control systems.

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