In action in Europe

Heavy-duty flanges are required in many different sectors, from Offshore Wind Energy to Gear Wheels and Pipes. Rolling this kind of flanges is not an easy task and supplying a giant Angle Bending Machine for this purpose, but this has been a challenge DAVI Technical Department accepted with enthusiasm.

This European customer now owns the right equipment for production of the flanges with non-standard characteristics, such as thickness up to 13½” and very large diameters. Modifications to a standard machine included a geometry that is tighter than a standard angle roll, an extended yoke to reduce the deflection of the shafts and a set of rolls specifically thought for heavy-duty applications. These are some of the features that make this machine a rarity among Angle Rolls.

The project was concluded with a 2-week installation and training that was a necessity to make the customer’s operators aware of all the possibilities this special Angle Roll gives them. The complete satisfaction of the company was then certified by the productivity the machine immediately granted, giving this client a competitive advantage in the European market.