Davi Wind Energy Rolling Lines for the monopiles of Sif
22 Jun 2023

Davi is very proud to announce that Sif Netherlands B.V., the Dutch offshore wind foundation manufacturer, has purchased four Wind Energy Rolling Lines. The machines are needed to fabricate the giant XXXL monopile foundations, designed with the largest diameters and the highest thicknesses.

Sif, with 600 employees in the Netherlands, is the leading player in the offshore wind industry, in particular when it comes to fabrication and early involvement in designs. The technical discussions for this project date back to 2020, and from that time, Davi started a path where all production aspects have been considered in order to suggest the best rolling solutions for the customer’s manufacturing set-up.

With 200 employees worldwide, Davi has been chosen as the most advanced technological partner. “The plate rolls we will supply to Sif will allow the client to roll cones and large-diameter cylinders in a single pass,” explained Stefano Santoni, Davi Wind Energy Division Director. “Our Smart Line, exclusively designed for the Wind Energy manufacturers, will make the rolling process of Sif smoother, increase their overall productivity and grant the safest working environment”.

Sif recently announced that they are building the world's largest monopile foundation manufacturing plant in Maasvlakte Rotterdam (Netherlands). In this respect, Sif chose Davi as the plate roll supplier to confirm its leading position in foundations and increase its capabilities in manufacturing XXXL monopile foundations.

“We are extremely happy with the support provided by Davi since we started this project in 2020.” states Frank Kevenaar, COO of Sif Netherlands B.V. “We believe that by choosing Davi equipment, we can make a difference in both rolling accuracy and speed in our new factory at Maasvlakte 2.”

The first Davi Plate Roll will be tested in the Italian headquarters around October 2023 and installed in the Netherlands in February 2024.

Davi Wind Energy Rolling Lines for the monopiles of Sif

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