Tank trailers

Plate rolling machines are crucial in the fabrication of tank trailers, as they enable the precise and efficient shaping of steel plates into cylindrical forms to create the trailer's main body.

When you talk about Truck Trailers there are many options on the table: from dry vans to reefer trailers, from lowboys to flatbeds. But if your need is to safely transport liquids or other sensitive contents, you will have to go with a Tank Trailer.

Tank Trailers are known for their typical shapes (cylinder, square or oval) and are used mainly for heavy-duty hauls and for specific cargo, for example HAZMAT (i.e., hazardous materials). They’re typically approved for carrying the following contents: chemicals, liquids, gases, beverages and dry/bulk goods. Their peculiar shape leads to a number of benefits when carrying liquids and gases: higher stability, lower center of gravity, prevention of liquid ‘surge’, easier extraction and cleaning.

Rolling Needs and DAVI Solutions

A company rolling (with a 4 roll plate bending machine) for Tank Trailers normally deals with plates with the following features

  • Thickness not exceeding 15mm
  • Material with high spring back (steel, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Medium/large width

The final product has a large diameter and a shape that can be cylindrical, square or oval, and the customers commonly require a quantity of pieces ‘forcing’ the supplier to organize its internal flow as a sort of mass production.

What DAVI Plate Rolls can do for you

DAVI can boast a huge know-how in this field and Plate and Angle Rolls installed at the Sector Leading Players’ Plants (KenworthVolvoStokotaCIMCRandonFruehaufWabashTremcar, etc.). This wide experience allows DAVI Sales and Technical Team to be able to act as an advisor and help customers identifying the right rolling machine for their needs.

Considering the 4 Roll Plate Roll (4 roll bending machine) as the most common solution, the standard configuration foresees a 3m long Plate Roll, overhead and side supports, together with a high-end control system (i.e., DAVI iRoll eXtreme) for single and multi-radius shapes. When a customized machine is required (for instance, longer Plate Rolls, up to 10m), many additional accessories will help increasing the final throughput of the rolling process: from the ones for crowning compensation to those for handling the plate (conveyors, swinging overhead supports and ejectors).

No matter which is the rolling challenge you have in the field of tank trailers… DAVI is the best company to face it with!

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