The first complete line of full electric plate rolls

Born in the most high-tech region of Italy.

Land of engines, ingenuity, and innovation.

A powerful and fast DNA.

Manufactured for accuracy and performance.

Compact design
The absence of a hydraulic control unit reduces the space occupied by the plate roll.
Unrivaled precision
Next-generation actuators ensure centesimal accuracy.
Increased productivity
The rolling process is accelerated with smooth and simultaneous movements across multiple axes.
Reduced maintenance
No lubrication required due to the absence of hydraulic control units.
Low consumption
The start and stop system allows for zero consumption when the plate roll is powered on but not operational.
Silent operation
Maximum silence both in standby and operational mode, thanks to the start and stop feature.
Ease of installation
The reduced number of components ensures a simple and fast installation.
Unrivaled precision
With e-POWER, precision reaches new heights. By utilizing the full electric plate roll, we achieve a level of precision on the order of hundredths, with a positioning accuracy of 5 hundredths compared to the 1-tenth precision normally offered. This remarkable level of precision ensures repeatable and reliable results, meeting the demands of various applications. The electric plate roll enhances the overall performance and efficiency of our machines, allowing for precise control and positioning, ultimately delivering exceptional quality and accuracy in the end product.
e-power Unrivaled precision
Compact Design
By eliminating the need for a separate hydraulic control unit, manufacturers can reduce the overall size of the plate roll, making it more space-efficient. The benefits of a compact design in plate rolls are manifold. Firstly, a reduced footprint allows manufacturers to optimize their workshop or production area space. Additionally, a compact design can also have a positive impact on workflow and the ergonomics of the plate roll operation. With a smaller footprint, operators have better access to the machine, facilitating easier handling of materials. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity and a more comfortable working environment for operators.
Increased Productivity
Through its advanced technology and seamless integration of multiple axes, e-POWER allows you to achieve more in less time. One of the key features of e-POWER is its smooth and simultaneous movement across multiple axes. This means that instead of performing one action at a time, you can now carry out multiple tasks simultaneously, saving valuable time and effort. By increasing your productivity, e-POWER enables you to complete tasks faster than ever before. This results in higher production, shorter delivery times, and ultimately, greater profitability.
e-power Increased Productivity
Reduced Maintenance
The maintenance requirements of e-POWER are very simple. Its innovative design minimizes the need for interventions and eliminates common leakage points found in traditional machines. This translates to optimized reliability and uptime. The service process has been significantly streamlined. Maintenance tasks become cleaner and more direct, thanks to the unique actuator component. This not only saves time and energy but also contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the machine.
Low Energy Consumption
e-POWER offers reduced energy consumption. Energy is used only when movement is required, similar to the start&stop system in automobiles. This is particularly advantageous in a calender where there are various downtime periods, resulting in significant energy savings. These high energy efficiency features of e-POWER not only contribute to cost savings but also align with sustainable practices, promoting environmental responsibility.
e-power Low Energy Consumption
Silent Operation
e-POWER operates silently both in standby mode and operational mode, thanks to its innovative start&stop feature. This innovative start&stop feature ensures that e-POWER remains quiet when it is not in use. Whether the machine is in standby mode or operational mode, it operates silently, providing a peaceful working environment. The noise level is significantly reduced, allowing users to focus on their tasks without distractions or disturbances. Unlike traditional machines that may emit constant noise, e-POWER remains quiet and ready to work without causing any disturbance.
Ease of Installation
The compact design of the e-POWER system allows for easy integration in various contexts. By reducing the number of components, we have made the installation process simpler and less time-consuming. Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary complexity and complications that can often arise during installation. With fewer components to manage, our customers can expect a faster and more efficient installation.
e-power Ease of Installation

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