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20 Feb 2024

Manufacturing mining equipment requires rolling plates and sections, and to make this process more streamlined and productive you have one choice - Davi. 

Since 2010, Davi has supplied a number of rolling machines for the Schlam Group, which is based in Welshpool, WA in Australia. These include Plate Roll Machines (4 rolls).

The latest Davi MCB, Model R30 is currently the largest machine ever to be sold in Australia and boasts a rolling capacity of 3000 x 96 mm. 

Australia’s mining sector is strong and along with this growth are the demands for mining products and services required for companies to reach their true potential. The thickness of what needs to be rolled in this industry is less than the capacity of the MCB R30, however, heavy-duty Plate Rolls are required because the materials used are very resistant. In fact, even though the thickness of the plates doesn’t exceed 40 mm, the nominal rolling capacity goes up to 90 mm, take for example the use of Hardox®, Xar® and Dillidur® products which are very common in this sector. 

Among these heavy applications, there are excavator buckets and dump truck bodies, with Schlam considered as the industry innovator in Australia. Schlam has the expertise, and design and engineering capabilities, that enables them to engineer dump body solutions to meet site specific requirements and demands.  

The mining industry also requires medium rolling applications such as water truck tanks, thickeners, air blowers and processing equipment. The thickness of the plate for these applications is around 40 mm, but the material is softer than for dumpers and buckets: in fact, it may require a nominal rolling capacity up to 50 mm.  

Angle Rolls have a role in mining, since the reinforcement structures of tunnels are bent by section bending machines (typical sections are H- and I- beams as well as THN Omega beams). 

Schlam is not only a leading provider of diversified mining and engineering services but an organization that has an Australian focus, global reach, and a main goal of making mining equipment more productive with a real improvement to mine productivity and safety. 

The story of this relationship between Davi and Schlam is not only one of remarkable success but is an ongoing collaboration between two companies striving for excellence and promoting innovation. 

Davi is proud to have been selected to supply Schlam with superior machinery.  The quality of the Plate and Angle Rolls is certainly fundamental in ensuring consistent quality demanded by valued end-use customers.

Davi also offers its Australian customers with trusted and timely technical support through its Australian based agent Ottotech Services, as well as from its Italian Head Office. 

Davi & Schlam Helping you Rethink and Reinvent Since 2010

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