Davi, bridging the gap between businesses located worlds apart
17 Apr 2024

Shade Systems NZ Ltd, a renowned maker of protective structures in New Zealand, has a rich history spanning over 150 years. Originally crafting tents and outdoor products for the war effort, Shade Systems has evolved into a family business known for its commitment to creating healthy spaces and improving well-being for Schools and Sports Spaces.

To meet diverse market demands and create unique structures, Shade Systems required advanced angle and pipe rolling capabilities. Previously relying on contractors, they opted to invest in their own angle bending machine to control costs and minimize supply risks. After extensive research, they chose Davi, a leading angle roll manufacturer, primarily due to the nearby support of Ottotech Services, a trusted partner for Davi in Oceania.

The selected machine, an MCP 32 angle rolling machine, proved to be a game-changer. Shade Systems praised its robust construction, Italian Quality and user-friendly operation, essential for rolling steel for their large tensile membrane canopies. This investment streamlined their workflow, reduced costs, and enhanced efficiency and opened further creative possibilities.

Davi's commitment to service and after-sales support was pivotal in Shade Systems' decision, ensuring a seamless partnership despite the geographical distance between their headquarters. With the Davi angle roll in action, Shade Systems is poised for future growth, shaping shelters both domestically and internationally with enhanced effectiveness.

Ultimately, Davi's exceptional dedication to service and support has successfully bridged the gap between businesses located worlds apart, empowering Shade Systems to thrive in their industry.

Davi, bridging the gap between businesses located worlds apart

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