Mining and Earth Moving

Plate Rolling Machines play a crucial role in the mining and earth moving industry by enabling the fabrication of large, custom-shaped plates used in heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, excavators, and dump trucks. These machines provide the capability to bend and shape thick plates of metal with precision, ensuring the construction of durable and reliable components for mining and earth moving equipment.

DAVI can offer the right solutions in terms of plate rolling machine for all the applications in the field of both earth moving and mining.

When it comes to buckets and shovels, the plates to be rolled normally have the following main characteristics:

- up to 40 mm thickness

- up to 6 m width

- hard material

These features require plate roll with high resistance, forged, heat treated, tested & certified chromium molybdenum steel rolls and with a multi-radius cnc software. In addition to the hard material of the plate (wear resistant steel like Hardox, Xar or Dillidur), the radius to be achieved is often very tight, so that customers ask for machines with high nominal capacity (up to more than 100 mm), even though they work with plates that normally don't reach a thickness of 40 mm.

With regards to the sector of mining, special plate roll are needed for mining dump truck trays: in this case, the distinctiveness of the plates is to be very very long (the giant truck trays are fabricated through rolling).

For both mining and street tunnels, angle roll is the right choice, since for the reinforcement structures of all kinds of tunnels, our clients bend H- and I- beams as well as THN sections.

Mining and Earth Moving
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