Plate and angle rolling machines are indispensable tools in job shops, enabling the efficient shaping and bending of metal plates and angles to meet a wide range of fabrication needs.

For companies that can be defined as Job shops it’s completely impossible to identify the most common Plate Roll or Angle Roll they use. In fact, the world of Job Shops is a world where companies are leaded by the works they can take in and the investments that are made in different industries at a higher level. This is why the range of Rolling Machines they might be interested in is the widest, from the smallest to the heavy-duty ones.

Anyhow, DAVI has a huge expertise dealing with Job shops and a deep knowledge of these companies’ needs. This is why DAVI Plate and Angle Rolls aim to respond to some of the main requirements Job shops have.

First of all, through the high-level automation, including the opportunity of managing all the accessories thanks to the Control System. Another very important aspect of DAVI Plate and Angle Rolls is the ease of use, that is fundamental for companies without very expert operators. Job shops also need flexibility: the rolling machine must be able to cover a quite wide range of works, always granting a high quality of the final product.

ROI (Return on Investment) is something all Job shops take into consideration and this is why DAVI dedicated Customer Support is crucial for reducing any possible downtime. Last but not least, a Rolling Machine from DAVI is a safe investment since it keeps its value in time.

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