MAM Maschinen is a German company which is part of the ENERCON Group which is capable of processing more than 33,000 tons of steel per year and employs almost 300 people. MAM is currently one of the most relevant players in the fabrication of heavy duty components for several Industrial sectors; in particular they specialize in the fabrication of wind towers and steel bridges.

Production requirements demand an evolution of processes for higher productivity of wind tower sections. A key MAM objective is to provide the very highest quality products for their customers while continuing to have the utmost respect for the environment. Increasing production through automation requires a partner in tune with optimal technological advancements. MAM evaluated a field of plate roll manufacturers and identified DAVI to provide the right solutions for harmonious production combined with performance, repeatability and reliability.

Andreas Kühn, the MAM Innovation Leader stated: “The negotiation with the Italian company was fair and they managed to meet our requirements. Now we are happy with the machine that is working properly and quick (efficiently). We are carrying on the foreseen works on our DAVI plate roll that entered our production flow making it smoother and with no issues caused”. “From the initial contact in 2017 to the final purchase, dealing with DAVI has been satisfying in every respect”.

MAM Maschinen selected a DAVI 10’ x 3 ¾” capacity 4-roll plate roll machine equipped with dedicated labor reducing accessories for the highest level of productivity and flexibility. The DAVI machine now constitutes a major fabrication asset to MAM and it is utilized to roll wind towers sections as well as other significant components required in the fabricating Industry.

“The positive experience we are having with DAVI”, continued Andreas Kühn, “leads me to believe that, for future needs, we will certainly make contact with them again. The plate roll shows a high quality and an impressive mechanical stability. A relevant aspect we really appreciated about DAVI was the customer support we can receive in our own language, that made the trouble-shooting easier and faster. The after sales care we received from DAVI is really appreciated”.