A Heavy-Duty 4-Roll

When a company with many years of successful presence in the steel construction industry in Greece was in need of expanding their rolling capabilities, they started researching.

Some of the features this leading company was looking for were high performances, reliability of the equipment, high accuracy, and safety for the operators. All these characteristics (and more) were satisfied by the plate roll they finally chose, a DAVI heavy-duty 4-roll with a capacity of 10’ x 6”.  This is the largest plate roll in the Greek market as well as one of the largest in all the Balkans.

The solution presented by DAVI met all the client’s requests in terms of reduced lead times, production requirements, human resources requirements and total processing time. Very impactful for the final decision of the customer were both the cutting-edge technology of the plate roll and the capacity of DAVI of anticipating the needs of the heavy-duty market and thus suggesting the perfect solution for the client’s needs.

Another great piece of our heavy-duty global puzzle!