Is DAVI MAV, 3-roll plate roll with variable axis, the most appropriate solution for workshops dedicated to fabricating storage tanks, pressure vessels and other heavy works?

Yes, according to a major DAVI customerin Turkey, who after using a 4-roll plate roll from a local manufacturer, selected a DAVI MAV variable axis with a capacity of 3000 x 136 mm (10' x 5 3/8") for its heavy rolling in many different applications.

Thechoice was not easy, because the requirements were very specific and strict. However, the DAVI MAV has fully complied to all the requirements of the client.  

This was confirmedat the time of installation, carried out by DAVI manufacturer engineers, very well trained as far as installation andcommissioning are concerned.

Installationwas followed by a training session for operators, both on rolling procedures and on machine programming.