When new projects with bigger sections (standard and custom ones) came to the table of a Danish company active in the fabrication of silos, they were going to subcontract the job. This would have meant high costs as well as potentially unpredictable delivery times. So, they started looking for a new angle roll. Their main goal was to find a mid-size angle roll with a state-of-the-art CNC, in order to create programs and reduce flow-time.

Their first thought was to reach out to DAVI, a company they already knew for its extensive presence in the market. Some of the features leading the Danish fabricator to definitely choose DAVI was its huge expertise in manufacturing all kinds of bending machines, with customers all around the world for both plate and angle roll. After a factory visit, the customer was also positively impressed by the DAVI warehouse of parts and components and the short delivery time for the machine itself.

The installation of the angle roll was successfully concluded at the end of June and now the Danish company does not need to rely on sub suppliers for big sections, since the new machine brings more power and more precision to their production.