These are the considerations made by a major customer in the US, big manufacturer of large water tanks that bought a Heavy profile bending machine, able to bend pipes from 406 mm (16 inches) in diameter and 6,3 mm (1/4 inches) in wall thickness.

DAVI was the only manufacturer to have fully responded to customer needs in terms of after-sales, service, (DAVI technical center is located in DALLAS, TX) including the ability to support the customer remotely even before having a technician on site with a tremendous time saving.

“As a long terms investment, the customer appreciated the strength of the machine, - said Orazio Davi, President-, with a solid structure, highly resistant to the tough stresses”.

Other important factor for the order the large number of worldwide references (more than 12 machine, even heavier, have been sold around the world during the last 24 months).