New DAVI profile rolling machine has been launched in Riga service centre

This was the title of a new page in the website of one of the biggest STEEL FABRICATORS in the Baltic Countries, from Poland to Russia, with the LARGEST SERVICE CENTERS in each country.

The DAVI ANGLE ROLL with capacity to bend IPE 600 and HEA 450 has been installed in the workshop of RIGA in Latvia, to provide bending service to local industries, operating in the OIL&GAS field as in METAL CONSTRUCTION.

This is the biggest angle roll in our workshops and we preferred DAVI after purchasing a DAVI 4 roll 3000 x 53 mm for Lithuania”, told the CEO presenting the new angle roll, just installed by DAVI experts team.

The machine will be used to bend all types of beams, tubes, angles and hollow sections to meet the needs of the local industries.