Manufacturing plant in Italy is fully operational

In relation to the recent outbreak events of the COVID-19, we want you to know that our manufacturing plant in Italy is fully operational. All DAVI employees in Italy are following the precautionary measures taken in accordance with the guidance of the Italian National Institute of Health and our Internal Safety Department has given additional instructions to keep our working environment safe and our employees healthy. DAVI procurement department is assessing our supply chain on a daily basis in order to monitor their manufacturing capability and prevent any delay with goods delivery.

Despite the current situation in Italy, our US based Sales and Service teams are fully available to keep providing your organization the support needed to operate your business. To facilitate contacts with our technical and manufacturing teams in Italy we have state-of-the-art digital communication and therefore we can involve them remotely.

We are committed to keeping you fully informed as the situation evolves. 


Mauro Verna 
Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Manager