A long-lasting relationship… DAVI’s partnership with Holloway dates back to 2010, when our Dallas-based branch was able to meet the requests of the customer in terms of both equipment and service.

In 2017 Holloway personnel attended a Seminar presented at DAVI headquarters. During a presentation they were introduced to new technology developed to check a parts radius “in real time production” utilizing a vision system that is installed on an angle roll machine. Together sharing common goals, needs and wants, it ultimately led to the purchase of production improving technology.   

Now the MCP angle roll currently installed at Holloway HQ is equipped with an iRoll-Camera system which helps run production more efficiently while holding closer tolerances.

Adding advanced internal electronics, mechanical and hydraulic components, with lightning fast digital signals utilize real-time data to be simultaneously shared with the CNC control.  Now inconsistencies and subsequent corrections netting in reduced final production times are possible on a wide variety of parts.

DAVI is proud to play an important partnership role as Holloway leads its way in producing steel structures!