DAVI for agriculture

Among DAVI customers there are all the leading players in the sector of agriculture, such as CNH Industrial, Caterpillar and Claas. This is possible because DAVI R&D has the ability and the skills to find the right solution for any need.

The most relevant requests in this field regard the high volumes needed for the massive production our clients carry on daily. An automation of the highest level is installed on all DAVI machines, that perfectly serve the purposes of our clients. The main features of the plates rolled in this industry are

thin thickness, from 1/8" to 3/8"

high spring-back materials

It's not unusual to deliver very special plate roll for many different applications. In fact, you can find a lot of complex shapes in this field, like partial asymmetrical cones or plates with holes.

To meet the rolling needs deriving from these peculiar shapes, DAVI is able to offer dedicated and customized solutions, such as

long machines, more than 13ft

pre-stressed machines

- machines with top roll swinging beam

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