DAVI for Storage Tanks

From Balmoral Tanks to Andritz, from McDermott to Fayat and Warren Group. These are only some of the many companies that decided to trust DAVI when it comes to rolling plates and sections in the process of storage tanks fabrication.

A storage tank is normally a very long plate that needs to be rolled to a very large diameter, while its thickness ranges more or less between 1/4" and 1-9/16". In fact, the challenge in rolling storage tanks is not in the thickness, but rather in the final shape.

In this regard, the plate roll that is most commonly used in this sector is a four roll. Sometimes, the width of the diameter leads customers to choose a vertical version of plate roll, since the standard configuration wouldn't be able to handle such plates. In other cases, accessories for plate handling, as well as conveyors and side supports, are enough to work safe and get the best result from rolling.

Moreover, angle roll play an important role in manufacturing storage tanks, since the structural reinforcements are all made of bent sections. In DAVI, in order to grant the highest bending accuracy, R&D engineers designed customized tools that make our angle roll the perfect choice for accurate parts.

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