DAVI WON: 6 – 0

Is not an easy task to sell SIX machines to the same customer but DAVI, just supplied THREE more machines to Hidada, a customer in Saudi Arabia: an angle roll for beams IPE 600 and two plate roll, a 3 roll, a 2500 x 28 mm (8,2ft x 1,102”) and a 3 roll variable axis 4000 x 90 mm (14,75ft x 3,622”).

These machines are the last purchased by this important customer in Jeddah, which had since 1998 a 4 roll 3000 x 40 mm (10ft x 1,575”) and a 3000 x 26 mm (10ft x 1,024”), plus an angle roll for IPE 300.

“We can really say – says Orazio DAVI, President of DAVI –, Hidada is an highly satisfied customer, as along 15 years he never considered to purchase other than DAVI for his fabricating machines. During this period the customer, also thanks to the maintenance-less and lubrication-free technologies of the DAVI machines, eliminated any possible breakdown.”

Another DAVI multi-purchase satisfied customer !