A ship building company recognized as an industry leader in Europe was in the midst of an unprecedented boom as they determined their current production equipment would not meet their required demand.  Through communications with DAVI’s network of worldwide dealers a plan was promptly made inviting the customer to visit DAVI headquarters. Immediately after the customer received a warm welcome they were extended an opportunity to see the newest developments in today’s machines.  With brand new machines on the floor, customers have important opportunities to not only see new machines with accessories and up to date CNC technology but also to touch and experience them.

From the sales support group through the factory production personnel a strong working collaboration was required to provide successful development of specific engineering; as well as developing a tight timeline for required customer delivery. Within a very short time valuable information was dutifully shared which enabled relevant engineering changes to be completed.

Production was completed by DAVI on a 4 roll 6 meter wide plate roll with over 7/8” capacity. The full potential of a CNC controlled plate roll machine was a specific desire of the customer. DAVI was to replace the reliance of the past manual operator process with a safe and highly efficient programmable repeatable CNC process. Definitively the customer increased their rolling productivity and throughput capacity. A most significant improvement was discovered by the customer by taking full advantage of the DAVI plate roll design technology. Cone rolling production not only increased but function repeatability in cone production was also significantly enhanced.  

A fundamental aspect in this project was timing:with a 6-month window for delivery, the successful outcome was possible only thanks to total control of every production aspect as well as perfect harmonious flow of information throughout DAVI. Following a synchronized production schedule and simultaneously relaying the information with the customer helped them to prepare a required reinforced foundation and pit; streamlining the installation process.

By the end of September the installation of the machine was completed successfully.  DAVI received high accolades from the customer recognizing punctual timing, accuracy during installation and high-quality training of the new machine. Through the mutual collaboration and teamwork another customer is benefiting from their investment and trust with DAVI.