Choosing DAVI for the growing Rolling needs

Founded in 1991, Ergotem is a Greek company that has gained an excellent reputation in terms of reliability and flexibility for the provision of engineering solutions and services in the industries of Energy and Oil & Gas, operating in both the local and the international markets.

In 2019, the expansion of the company and the involvement in very demanding Oil & Gas projects generated the need for a new high-capacity Plate Rolling Machine, which had to grant the future of Ergotem in that business. The relation with DAVI went back to international trade fairs where both companies exhibited, and this contact led to a discussion where in the end the customer chose a 4 Roll Bending Machine with a capacity of 10’ x 2-3/8”.

Purchasing one of the biggest Plate Rolls in Greece was easy for the client thanks to DAVI Sales and Technical Team but also for the role played by the Sales and Service Partner of DAVI in Greece, that has been able to provide installation and training, and continued to give all the needed support to Ergotem.

Currently, the new Plate Rolling Machine is rolling Pressure Vessels for the Oil & Gas Industry, mainly SA516 GR70 plates up to a thickness of 2”, rolling parts Ergotem used to subcontract out before the purchase of this Plate Roll (with subsequent loss of time and money).

Trust is the keyword of the relation between DAVI and Ergotem. And trust is the starting point for Ergotem to join demanding rolling projects with DAVI always at their side.