A Fleet of 3 for a Loyal Client in Colombia

Ferrocortes is one of the largest companies in Colombia in the field of import and trade of steel, metal plates and sections. In addition to this activity, the company is an important player in the fabrication of metal structures and parts for machinery, in civil and marine works, as well as in the energy sector and raw material (especially mining).

With three different facilities between Medellin and Cartagena, Ferrocortes has been a loyal customer of DAVI since 2012. Their fleet is composed by a three roll plate roll (purchased in 2012) and two angle rolls of different sizes (purchased in 2013 and 2018). We had the chance to talk to Gonzalo Montoya, General Manager, who was glad to answer our questions about the machines as well as the great Service & After Sales relationship they have had with DAVI.

Why did the need for a plate roll come up?

In the last 10 years, we experienced an important growth, particularly due to the highway project and the construction of new bridges and tunnels: that’s why we invested in a brand-new state-of-the-art plate roll machine in 2012.

Which features were you looking for in the plate roll?

We needed a plate roll to complete our fleet of machine tools, in order to meet all the requests of the market. Some of our jobs are pretty heavy and we required a good capacity plate roll machine.

How did you meet DAVI?

Before the first contacts, I already knew the brand. On the occasion of the first purchase, thanks to DAVI Salesmen we were able to make a proper comparison and to understand those main technical features that distinguish DAVI from other manufacturers.

And what in particular distinguishes DAVI from other manufacturers?

First of all, the quality of equipment. But after some time, we also discovered the service & after sales support and the possibility for customers to purchase machines that are ready for immediate delivery.

And why did you then invest in angle roll machines?

After some years of experience “rolling with DAVI machines”, we had no doubt and chose DAVI again when the need for a new machine came. Our new needs came from additional civil work and some projects in the mining sector.

Which features were you looking for in the angle roll?

We were searching for a reliable machine with high capacity. We needed something in order to offer a very exclusive service, that is unique in our area.

What’s your general impression about DAVI and DAVI machines?

The fact we have already purchased three different machines shows our loyalty and that we rely on their highest quality. After the first purchase, we immediately noticed very good performances. In addition to the productivity of machines, we kept purchasing DAVI for their continuous technical advisory, their service & after sales division and for their 24-hour availability, shown with quick and effective answers in case of need. Our relation with DAVI has always been positive, we are totally satisfied and we would recommend their equipment without any doubt.