A DAVI “HIGH SPEED” Angle Roll, to bend Ultra-Fast-Speed Rollercoaster Rail

Amusement parks always fascinate the visitors with the giant rollercoaster, built  using large diameter pipes.


DAVI have sold recently an angle roll for this specific application, designed to bend pipes up to 10” of diameter, for high resistance roller-coaster structures.


 “It is a big responsibility to supply a machine top build such structures” – said Orazio Davi, President of DAVI –, “and we are committed to guarantee the machine will ensure the max of the performances, as well as the respect of the tightest accuracy tolerances required by these applications, to ensure the maximum roundness of the pipe even in the bent area, and the maximum resistance to the section”.


The customer accepted the machine as fully complying with the contract. It has just being shipped and will be set in production very soon.