The story of success of a company from West Africa finally led their decision makers to choose DAVI to be an important partner in their process of growth. This job shop, founded in 1989, has been growing throughout the years and its popularity in the region is significant.

As a distributor of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, they are a leader in the field of building materials, meeting all the needs of professionals in the mining, building and private sectors. The company is also a state-of-the-art boiler workshop and holds a HARDOX WEARPARTS® label obtained for the cutting-edge technology standards demonstrated.

This path of growth resulted last year in the need for a latest generation plate roll.  After much research, the decision was made for a DAVI 4 roll machine, 10 ft wide, for rolling plates up to a thickness of 1¾”.  This is the best option when it comes to achieving very tight diameters (as small as 1.1 times the diameter of the top roll) and enjoying maximum repeatability within the required tolerances.

DAVI’s proven reliability and solidity (with thousands of references worldwide) together with a global after sales network always available for both remote and on-site support are additional features that made it easy for the customer to choose DAVI.

Just another piece of DAVI puzzle all around the world!