Wind Energy 2017 seminar

Date: 20/06/2017 - 21/06/2017

Country: Italy

City: Cesena

2017 SEMINAR - 20th – 21st June in DAVI Auditorium, Italy...


More than 100 delegates from the most reputed companies manufacturing offshore foundations & tower components, or keen to enter this growing sector, gathered into DAVI Auditorium in the company’s facilities in Cesena. Surely this was the event of the year in Wind Energy, a unique opportunity to evaluate the newest innovative solutions introduced by the co-organizers: DAVI, LINCOLN ELECTRIC, PEMA and HGG, here officially revealed to the Market.


During the first day these four companies held technical seminars about their latest technologies and run live demonstrations on specially installed machines.

Some of the topics discussed were following:
  • Factory lay-out and optimized process flow for tower and offshore foundations production
  • Automatic Cutting & Welding system for jackets
  • Most suitable Plate Rolling technology for mass production
  • Innovative Cone Rolling procedure with live demonstration on plate feeding
  • Solution to increase efficiency in fitting and joining of cans to produce tower and foundation sections with live demonstration
  • Robotic applications in offshore wind tower and foundation fabrication
  • Most advanced automation for the welding of tower and foundation elements
  • Welding process solutions along with newly developed consumable products

The main event of the second day was the stunning LIVE CONE ROLLING DEMONSTRATION when the DAVI line rolled a conical can (8ft wide x 1” thickness at 12ft in diameter for a total 36ft plate length on larger diameter, similar to many wind tower cones) in a few minutes with the maximum accuracy, thanks to the innovative DAVI plate feeding system.
The ULTIMATE SOLUTION to ROLL PLATE and FORM CONICAL CANS for WIND ENERGY COMPONENTS,  is based on a DAVI 4-roll plate bending machine, equipped with the new DAVI HYDRAULIC GUIDES (DAVI Patent) feeding system; a new concept of plate rolling based on a totally redesigned DAVI full automatic HIGH PRODUCTIVITY  LINE.
It allows an automatic bending sequence of the conical cans, with reduced cycle time and virtual no manpower, assuring  the perfect accuracy and geometry of the rolled plate.

These new developments were thought to improve further the productivity and the quality of the entire fabricating process for the conical sections required for Wind Energy tower and foundations components, both onshore and offshore, making factories more modern and competitive. Benefits of these solutions were highly appreciated by the participants to the seminar.

Also during the second day three important players in WIND ENERGY industry from different countries shared their experiences and some specific solutions.

During both days attendees had the opportunity to discover DAVI headquarters, production workshops and logistic centre, being introduced to the DAVI production philosophy, which includes a large number of plate rolls and angle rolls always available in stock for immediate delivery.

Participants had also the possibility to see and inspect the FIVE giant plate rolls with capacity up to 10” 1/2, ideal to roll plates for heavy offshore foundations; a complete line for wind towers rolling, as well as an heavy duty angle roll to produce wind towers flanges.

All machines that DAVI keeps ready in stock for his Customers.

Besides the great interest of the participants to the technical topics presented at the Seminar, even more they appreciated the opportunity to discuss with companies involved in the same business, most of them from countries far away, with the possibility to exchange ideas, comments and even suggestions or recommendations about the common business in the Wind Energy Market which was a unique networking opportunity.