Date: 28/04/2016 - 29/04/2016

Country: Italy

City: Cesena



The MASTER BENDERS TECH EVENT 2016, dedicated to the specialists in angle roll, has just ended. More than Fourty companies among the best known in the industry, attended the two days which was held at the DAVI plant of Cesena, where they had access to the entire range of DAVI angle rolls in different configurations, in addition to the 3D tube bending line of which the participants were able to see a live demonstration.

The occasion was to strengthen relationships among companies and to present the new DAVI ANGLE ROLL DIVISION, with which the company intends to cooperate more intensively with the industry, to assess market needs and propose viable solutions.


Davi The first day was dedicated to the presentation of the New DAVI Angle Roll Division, and to raise awareness of the company by visiting the production units in Cesena and the logistic center, which follows the Company production philosophy to have machines and spare parts available for immediate delivery.
Davi In the second day, our technical experts presented the evolution of the DAVI machines construction until the most recent years, looking to establish an empathy that would make it clear how the company is open to market ideas and the needs of specialists.


The event ended with the announcement of the 2017 MASTER BENDERS TECH EVENT, to which are invited all the specialists in the field and beyond.


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