Companies often have to perform jobs for which they are not properly equipped. The alternative they are facing is to outsource the job to a subcontractor or find a machine on the market available for immediate delivery.

When this happens, if your preferred supplier is willing to offer a trade-in solution, replacing your existing large plate roll with a much larger one, the advantage is indisputable.

This recently happened to one of the largest companies in the Oil & Gas industry, located in Texas (USA), who was able to swap their existing 4 roll (10ft x 4" 3/8) with a new 4 roll (10ft x 6" ¼), available for immediate delivery at one of DAVI’s warehouses in the United States.

The installation was carried out by experienced DAVI technicians and completed with a very quick turn-around, which allowed the end user to go back in production with very minimal interruptions.